7th Annual Apostolic Prophetic Explosion Conference Summit 2019 is this November 17, 2019 Pelican Grand Beach Resort 2000 North Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305. https://www.pelicanbeach.com/mobile/home...

The Registration is $35.00

Apostle Lois J. Parchment

stadium hotel miami gardens fl

Recent Prayer Requests

  • Deliverance

    I need deliverance and have been looking for the right ministry. I believe you are flowing in the spirit and would like for you to pray for me please. I need direction as to wh...
  • God's Favor

    Dear Lord, see me through in these hard times. I am filled with unspeakable fears. I reach out my hand to you now, And ask you to walk besides me. I cannot carry all my burdens,...


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    Apostle  Lois J. Parchment